A few words about me

From a very young age I was watching my grandmother and my mother to cook and I always liked to be involved in the preparation of our daily meals. So I learned to cook authentic, traditional Greek dishes, using the best ingredients & of course our family's recipes.

Food is very important in our culture and the whole family gets together at the table. So cooking skills are somehow embedded in our DNA!

When we moved to London with my husband and my two children, three years ago, I never thought that I would do something like that so I continued my previous career in marketing. I started doing private cooking lessons to friends and acquaintances mainly for fun, but I found that I enjoyed much more being in the kitchen than sitting on a desk! So very quickly I made the big decision... and www.cookgreek.co.uk was born!


Eat Out Eat Well - Gold Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene Rating - 5 Star